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Motherhood by Choice, Not Chance distills key moments from each of the three films in the OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning 2½ hour series CHOICE: From the Back-Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond.
Through first person stories, this documentary brings alive the history of the struggle for women's reproductive rights in the United States. Intimate interviews reveal the passion of those who moved abortion from the danger of the back alleys to a safe, legal choice. This film also includes information about current threats to those rights.

All public, educational, and government access television stations (PEG) and community media stations have permission to broadcast this film and any of Dorothy Fadiman's other films.

Run time 27:00
Producer Dorothy Fadiman, Katie Peterson
Production Company Concentric Media
Sponsor The Power of Choice Project
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information Concentric Media


Producers: Dorothy Fadiman, Katie Peterson
Videographers: Daniel Meyers, Blake McHugh
Production Team: Beth Seltzer, Kristin Atwell, Danielle Renfrew, Mika Ferris, Matthew Luotto
Music: Erika Luckett
Produced with KTEH-TV (PBS)


English Language version


Reviewer: passionatefilms - - November 28, 2012
Subject: A Beautiful Film About a Delicate Issue
As tough as this issue is for people, Dorothy has made a brilliant and sensitive film about the truths facing people who fight for the freedom to choose.

A word about many of the Pro-Life radicals out there. For those of you that insist abortion is murdering a fetus, why do the radicals bomb and set fire to clinics, shooting doctors and nurses? One is one murder not ok, but murdering adults is. I have never met a Pro-Lifer that didn't support going to war, murdering adults! Why is killing people in wars not just as abhorrent?
Reviewer: cupcakedesires - - December 4, 2011
Subject: Thank You
This documentary has touched my heart. I am pro-choice and will continue everyday to fight for a person's right to choose. Dorothy Fadiman did not murder her child. She had an abortion. There is a complete difference. I have nothing but respect for her and every single person that has fought and continues to fight for freedom of choice.
Reviewer: lvschwer - - June 19, 2011
Subject: Fadiman murdered her own baby!
Fadiman murdered her own baby! And she has been trying to justify what she did ever since and to persuade others that to do likewise is okay. But no absolution will come from the media. Absolution will only come from God and changing one's life to stopping abortion -- not supporting the murder of the unborn.
Reviewer: mrmr44 - - May 30, 2010
Subject: Great Film!
Reviewer: mr_loophead - - August 16, 2007
Subject: Well made.
guitarfreak6463 states: "Number one, if you are not ready for a child, you are not ready for sex."

You're proposing that the main purpose for sex is only for procreation? You have to be financially secure before enjoying an orgasm?

Your first statement is so ridiculous that I can't even fathom the realism in whatever else you say -- or believe in.

Whether you believe abortion is right or wrong, the video documentary is full of information and truth.
Reviewer: guitarfreak6463 - - August 16, 2007
Subject: Motherhood by choice.
I just have a few things to say about this 'wonderful' video. Number one, if you are not ready for a child, you are not ready for sex. Number two, life can be defined as being composed of one or more cells. Just because the baby is inside of the mother does not make it any less life.

Motherhood by choice...all that means is that you choose to have sex. If you are not ready for the possible outcomes of your actions, then you should not commit the actions.

Scientific evidence has show that a fetus feels pain. If you were annoying and invisible, would you like me to end your life so I wouldnt have to bother with you any more?

Many times, abortion physicians are doctors who had their licenses revoked in other states.

Safe? The reason abortion has such a high safety rate is because most abortion clinics are not required to keep records of the women who go there. Therefore, if a woman gets ill or dies after an abortion, there is no record as to that she had an abortion, or that she had an abortion that a particular clinic.

My last point. On average, it costs less to give a baby up for adoption than it dose to kill it.

If you are going to support something, look into it first. Find out all the facts about what you are supporting.

If a pregnant woman is murdered, it counts as double murder, yet she can kill the baby whenever she feels like it. It is poverty to end ones life so that we may live as we wish.
Reviewer: winona - - April 27, 2006
Subject: A must watch
Really, really well done.
Reviewer: mindrec - - September 26, 2005
Subject: Unfair to Men
What is a "reproductive right"? Can men have an opinion on abortion? I'm in favor of DOCTORS making medical decisions ... as opposed to uneducated women or religious followers. I'm tired of misleading words like "choice" and "murder".
Reviewer: RinNP - - September 20, 2005
Subject: Touching Truth
As a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, I am overwhelmed at the riveting reality of this documentary. Thank you for contributing so much to the cause us providers face every day. In my experience, there are many IN WOMEN'S HEALTHCARE whom do not support this basic woman's thank you to all of you who do.
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